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Liars, Layabouts, Bums and Diddlers of Women
Greater Toronto Area, Ontario Canada

40 Olds

George Hoskins (Member At Large)
I940 Oldsmobile Coupe

40 Oldsmobile George Hoskins has restored several old cars in his time, but not this one... it didn't need any restoration!. Just about the only thing not original on this car is the paint. George gave the mint condition 40 Olds it's first repaint when he first got it a number of years ago.

The interior is just as the General installed it in 1940, and it is a treat to see!

The car has had less than 50,000 miles put on it since new... there are not may cars like this left on the planet!
40 Oldsmobile The engine is a flat-head straight eight that is so quiet you can't hear it run. We all kid him that he is lying about the engine and that he has installed an electric motor and batteries.

It has an automatic transmission... 1940 was the first year an automatic was available in a production Oldsmobile.

The body style is rare and gorgeous, everywhere George goes with this car people try to buy it!
40 Oldsmobile The car is not really for sale right now, but George will sell it one day, when the right buyer and the right offer comes along.

This is a car that needs and deserves a competent owner... someone who has the knowledge and the means to preserve this extraordinary vehicle.

It is in the right hands now, and will stay there until George decides it is ready for a new home.

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