The Old Fogey Club

Old Fogey Club

Liars, Layabouts, Bums and Diddlers of Women
Greater Toronto Area, Ontario Canada

Old Fogey Club

Club Rules

Old Fogey Club

1. Members must attend ALL meetings (when they can).

2. Members must shower before attending meetings.

3. Members must swear to tell only the truth when it matters.

4. Members must swear to not tell the truth when it doesn't matter.

Old Fogey Club 5. Members must bring something to meetings for show and tell (Car stuff you filthy minded degenerate!)

6. Members must diddle women whenever appropriate.

7. Members shall not interrupt another member who is talking (unless they are long-winded or boring).

8. Members must always have an opinion.

Old Fogey Club 9. Members must not make fun of another member's car (unless he deserves it).

10. Members must not bring non-members to meetings... unless of course they are willing to buy the doughnuts.

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